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A moment of history

EasyMock has been created by Tammo Freese at OFFIS in 2001. It was originally allowing to only mock interfaces but was a providing type safe mocking. A great revolution at that time.

The so-called class extension allowing class mocking appeared in 2003. It was initially developed by Joel Shellman, Chad Woolley and Henri Tremblay on the files section of Yahoo!Groups. It was based on an idea of Bob Lee. It has been merged in the EasyMock core in 2010.

EasyMock developments are now led by Henri Tremblay. He is helped by Alistair Todd and Jérémy Buget who did the actual version of the website.


Along the way, EasyMock received help from multiple contributors and would like to thank them accordingly.

Thanks to the people who gave feedback or provided patches, including Nascif Abousalh-Neto, Dave Astels, Francois Beausoleil, George Dinwiddie, Shane Duan, Wolfgang Frech, Steve Freeman, Oren Gross, John D. Heintz, Dale King, Brian Knorr, Dierk Koenig, Chris Kreussling, Robert Leftwich, Patrick Lightbody, Johannes Link, Rex Madden, David McIntosh, Karsten Menne, Bill Michell, Stephan Mikaty, Ivan Moore, Ilja Preuss, Justin Sampson, Markus Schmidlin, Richard Scott, Joel Shellman, Jiří Mareš, Alexandre de Pellegrin Shaun Smith, Marco Struck, Ralf Stuckert, Victor Szathmary, Bill Uetrecht, Frank Westphal, Chad Woolley, Bernd Worsch, Rodrigo Damazio, Bruno Fonseca, Ben Hutchison and numerous others.