Module org.easymock

Interface IMocksControlState

All Known Implementing Classes:
RecordState, ReplayState

public interface IMocksControlState
Current state of a mocks control. In practice there are two implementations: record and replay.
OFFIS, Tammo Freese
  • Method Details

    • invoke

      Object invoke(Invocation invocation) throws Throwable
    • assertRecordState

      void assertRecordState()
    • andReturn

      void andReturn(Object value)
    • andThrow

      void andThrow(Throwable throwable)
    • andAnswer

      void andAnswer(IAnswer<?> answer)
    • andDelegateTo

      void andDelegateTo(Object answer)
    • andVoid

      void andVoid()
    • andStubReturn

      void andStubReturn(Object value)
    • andStubThrow

      void andStubThrow(Throwable throwable)
    • andStubAnswer

      void andStubAnswer(IAnswer<?> answer)
    • andStubDelegateTo

      void andStubDelegateTo(Object delegateTo)
    • asStub

      void asStub()
    • times

      void times(Range range)
    • checkOrder

      void checkOrder(boolean value)
    • makeThreadSafe

      void makeThreadSafe(boolean threadSafe)
    • checkIsUsedInOneThread

      void checkIsUsedInOneThread(boolean shouldBeUsedInOneThread)
    • replay

      void replay()
    • verifyRecording

      void verifyRecording()
    • verifyUnexpectedCalls

      void verifyUnexpectedCalls()
    • verify

      void verify()