Module org.easymock

Interface IMocksBehavior

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public interface IMocksBehavior
The behavior of a mock. I.e. ordered or not, thread safe or not, expectations, etc.
OFFIS, Tammo Freese
  • Method Details

    • addExpected

      void addExpected(ExpectedInvocation expected, Result result, Range count)
    • addStub

      void addStub(ExpectedInvocation expected, Result result)
    • checkOrder

      void checkOrder(boolean value)
    • makeThreadSafe

      void makeThreadSafe(boolean isThreadSafe)
    • shouldBeUsedInOneThread

      void shouldBeUsedInOneThread(boolean shouldBeUsedInOneThread)
    • addActual

      Result addActual(Invocation invocation)
    • isThreadSafe

      boolean isThreadSafe()
    • checkThreadSafety

      void checkThreadSafety()
    • verifyRecording

      void verifyRecording()
    • verifyUnexpectedCalls

      void verifyUnexpectedCalls()
    • verify

      void verify()