Module org.easymock

Class BridgeMethodResolver


public final class BridgeMethodResolver extends Object
Code taken from the Spring framework. Helper for resolving synthetic bridge Methods to the Method being bridged.

Given a synthetic bridge Method returns the Method being bridged. A bridge method may be created by the compiler when extending a parameterized type whose methods have parameterized arguments. During runtime invocation the bridge Method may be invoked and/or used via reflection. When attempting to locate annotations on Methods, it is wise to check for bridge Methods as appropriate and find the bridged Method.

See The Java Language Specification for more details on the use of bridge methods.

Rob Harrop, Juergen Hoeller
  • Method Details

    • findBridgedMethod

      public static Method findBridgedMethod(Method bridgeMethod)
      Find the original method for the supplied bridge Method.

      It is safe to call this method passing in a non-bridge Method instance. In such a case, the supplied Method instance is returned directly to the caller. Callers are not required to check for bridging before calling this method.

      bridgeMethod - the bridge method
      the original method for the bridge
      IllegalStateException - if no bridged Method can be found